"Postino" stationery, 2009
Anodised aluminium
various dimensions
Edition by Praxis Ltd, Hong Kong
Photographer Tonatiuh Ambrosetti

As the name indicates (Postino means mailman in italian), the project draws references in the paper and cardboard folding techniques as usually found on envelopes. Using as main material anodized aluminium, the Postino range revisits the common stationery items found on a desk using a minimal and timeless approach, creating a link between the exterior and the contained objects. The range includes a A4 paper tray, a A5 size box with lid, an envelope holder, a pen stand, a small tray and a ruler.
The laser-cut patterns and folding process creates a simple yet interesting graphic language between plain surfaces and gaps and the anodizing process gives aluminium deep color hues (black, blue, silver) and scratch resistant surface. The A4 tray and A5 box can easily stack-up with the use of specialy designed plastic parts.